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The Route of the 5 Villages – 4 Days

  • Type: Walk Historical Villages
  • Duration: The Schist Villages - 4 Days
  • Price from: 800€

Booking is on request from April to November

In these 4 days we will introduce you to one of the most rugged areas of Portugal, the Lousã Mountain. It will be by ancient paths between dense forests and its beautiful rivers and waterfalls, that we will know some of the local historical villages, all built on the beautiful and rustic shale stone.

We will also understand how this people lived and their old customs. They were hard people, shaped by these harsh and wild lands.

Welcome to our Shale Villages.

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Day 1 – The Travel to the Cerdeira Village

Lousã - Estrela

Walk Historical Villages

We start our adventure with the transfer from Lisbon to the Cerdeira Village in the Lousã Mountain. It will take about 2 and a half hours.

Hidden in a small valley at 700 m high, this schist village is about 300 years old. After the abandonment of the farming and pastoral activity in the mid-twentieth century, the village almost disappeared with the abandonment of the population. In the mid-80s a group of young people decided to settle in the village and thus began his recovery.

Today, Cerdeira has new stories to tell from new residents that with persistence and will, have made it a place where artistic creation, through Artistic International Residences, training workshops, and small creative experiences, together with the secular knowledge of the old ones, in a single mix, gave life and meaning to this place.

Currently, is part of the 27 villages that make up the network of Schist Villages (schist is a brownstone in layers). Cerdeira is an authentic place where time does not fly!

After we settle down at the end of the day, we will go to a local restaurant known by the beautiful natural scenario around it and it’s delicious regional food.



Beginning: Hour dependent on the client schedule arrival but we should leave at 5.00 pm, maximum.

Duration: About 2 and half hours

Day 2 – The Route of the Millers

Walk Historical Villages

Walk Historical Villages

On day 2 we will meet “The Route of the Millers.” To go in this route is a journey through time and makes it possible for us to remember the daily route made by the millers who had access to the several water mills (from which we still can see traces of their existence).

The lush vegetation that almost surrounds all the way and the river company make this journey a pleasant and cool hike, where we can cool off in one of the several waterfalls that we will find.

We will also visit one of the oldest villages in the region, whose construction comes from the remote presence of the Visigoths in the 7th century. This village is also known for its curious stone sculptures.

Already in the Cerdeira Village and after a deserved shower we will have our dinner.


Beginning: 09:00 am

Duration:  3 hours + The cooking experience

Difficulty: Walk Hike Portugal (Moderate)

Walk Historical Villages

Walk Historical Villages

Day 3 – The 5 Schist Villages Path

Walk Historical Villages

Walk Historical Villages

This is the day where we will meet 5 of the schist villages.

Leaving the village of Cerdeira at 700m high, our tour begins with a steep descent, to the stream of Cerdeira. The entire route is dominated by four main species of typical Portuguese trees, the Cork Oaks, Pine Trees, Chestnuts, and Oak Trees.  About this last one, we can marvel with some imposing secular specimens, which in addition to its large scale, impress by its burlesque shapes molded by the time. Water is also a constant presence in this path, by seeing several waterfalls, some impressive, by sometimes listening to their sound while sliding down the mountain.

Each of the several valleys which we cross hides a village of schist, perfectly camouflaged by the use of local materials, the shale, the wood, and the straw.

Along the way, we can refresh in the fountains of the several villages, supplied by local streams that spring from the bowels of the earth, long before they have been domesticated by man. Accompanied by the dense vegetation, we cross several old corrals, once inhabited by goats, very common in this region. We may be lucky enough to see a deer or a wild boar, the two largest herbivorous wild species resident in Portugal.

The hike will finish in the 5th village. It will be here that we will have dinner, in a restaurant where the cozy and traditional atmosphere rivals with the quality of its traditional dishes.


Beginning: 11:00 am

Duration: 5 hours

Difficulty: Walk Historical Villages(Hard)

Walk Historical Villages

Walk Historical Villages


Day 4 – The “Levadas” Waterways

Walk Historical Villages

Walk Historical Villages

This last day is dedicated to the secular structures of the “Levadas”. The “Levadas” are man-made channels to bring water from the highlands for the agricultural land, and thus ensure their support throughout the year. In this case, this particular “Levada” also had the functionality to feed the local Power Station, the first of its kind to be built in Portugal.

In most of the paths, we will follow this flow, sometimes on its side, other times over its schist gangways. Together with the dense vegetation, the steep slopes help to recreate a unique and also very refreshing landscape of great beauty. In some areas, it is possible to take a bath in these clear waters. Although cold, depending on the time of year, the feeling is great.

The Oaks, Cork Trees, and Pine Trees are the dominant species among the larger trees, especially in the areas near the villages we will cross.

At the end of the hike, for the bravest, there is the possibility for a refreshing bath inside a beautiful river pool and its cold waters. After, we will travel to Lisbon. Behind our hikers will bring in their memories of these hard lands and their tough people, where the ancient construction in schist stone is a knowledge to be preserved.



Beginning: 09:30 am

Duration: 3 hours

Difficulty: Walk Historical Villages(Moderate)

Walk Historical Villages

Walk Historical Villages

Prices Per Person

Price Per Person (from 4 people): 800

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Note II: For a single room it has to be paid an extra 150€.

Note III: For less than 4 people the price is on request.


Booking is on request from April to November


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In these cases, the walks will be run on another date to match or replaced by another, if possible. If the cancellation of the tour is an inevitability, either because of the persistence of weather phenomena / environmental mentioned above, or customers inability to schedule, we will refund 75% of the amount paid, provided that cancellation occurs within 24 hours before the beginning of the purchased holiday pack, except all the costs with accommodation, flights or any other costs already paid by Walk Hike Portugal. The remaining 25% will be for Walk Hike Portugal to pay the logistics/bookings costs to imply in all our walks.

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Per day is Included

  • All transfers (including from and to Lisbon)
  • Accommodation in a twin bedroom with breakfast
  • 2 dinners, 3 picnic lunches, 3 breakfasts
  • Hiking pools
  • track Guides (depending on the number of participants)
  • The legally required Personal and Liability insurances

Advised Equipment (depending on weather)

  • Comfortable and warm clothes that allow different layers
  • Trekking shoes/boots
  • Hat for sun or cap
  • Waterproof / Wind stopper
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen