Payment by Paypal

Please fill out de form below to pay with Paypal or credit card.

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    Payment Step by Step

    1. Step One
    Please fill out the form. Phone and Country fields are not required. In the “Total Price of the Tour” field, enter the total price of the program, previously confirmed by Walk Hike Portugal by email. In the “Which payment (initial or final)?” field, choose the corresponding option. If it is the first payment to confirm the reservation select the “initial” field, corresponding to 30% of the total, if not choose the “final” field and execute the payment corresponding to the second payment, 70% of the total amount. Select the “Pay” button.

    2. Step Two
    Choose the option between payment via Paypal or directly with the credit card. Before giving the money order confirm that your data and the payable amount are correct.

    3. Step Three
    After you have given payment order you will receive an email confirming the same. After, you will receive an email from Walk Hike Portugal with the payment confirmation.