In Walk Hike Portugal we are fascinated by mountains. We love climbing them, admire their unique views and become aware of how small we are before it’s greatness. We also love to know the flora and animals that live there, normally quite different from the ones found at sea level. Finally, we love the mountain environment, it´s clean air, a little thin, that we breathe there.

The brand Walk Trekking was created for all those who share our passion and never had the opportunity to be in a mountain ambiance, or have been there and want to repeat.

The mountains that we propose to do with you are accessible in terms of difficulty. This will allow that even people with no mountain experience, as long as with a good fitness condition, can participate.

Walk Historical Villages
From the Schist to the Granite – 8 Days
Walk Historical Villages, Walk Trekking
8 Days
Serra da Estrela
The Route of the Glacier Valleys – 5 Days
Walk Trekking
Estrela Sierra - 5 Days