Walk Azores

Imagine an archipelago in the Atlantic where the volcanic mountains rise above the clouds, where the lush vegetation is matched only in the large tropical forests, where the waterfalls gush from great height and in large quantities, where its large lagoons of emerald green waters, ancient volcanic craters, are of a unique beauty, where we can bathe in natural pools in the middle of the ocean, where you can see and come close to the great whales that travel in our seas. We present to you the Azores Islands, considered by the prestigious magazine “National Geographic Traveler” as the “Top Two Island Destinations”.

The brand Walk Azores was created to let you know this pearl in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, but also it´s obstinate people that with their customs and secular traditions resisted for centuries to the tremendous forces that shaped these 9 islands full of life and surprises.

Welcome to the Azores.