Why Us


We are in love by what we do

This passion reflects in our attendance quality, and this is why, for us, each walk will be an experience of a two ways sharing.


Think Local, Act Local

We were born here, grew up here, and so we have a vast knowledge about our working habitat – its coastline and promontories,  its forest, its fauna, its mountains and volcanos,  its people and its rich Cultural landscape – in short, we are authentic.


Participate and Understanding

We try hard our walks always contemplate the mix between Natural Park – Communities – Cultural Park. Thus, we provide enriching experiences for our clients feel closer and more integrated.



Our habitat is full of millenary secrets and mysteries. Here, have crossed kings and queens, sun, moon, serpent and antediluvian worshipers, pirates and corsairs, ancient civilizations, religious and mystical. All these old stories and cultures are present in our walks, and we love to share it with you.


We are a Certified Company

Walk Hike Portugal is certified by Portugal Tourism with the license number 175/2013. We are Sintra City Hall , Monte da Lua Company (who manages the Sintra Natural and Cultural Park) and the Cascais City Hall Preferred Partners. We also are member of the Tourism of Cascais and and also Brand Members of Portugal.PT (An official trusted brand National and Internationally recognized as a symbol of quality and excellence and supporting the development of locally based).


Insurance Required

The Walk Hike Portugal have all it´s activities covered by the Portuguese legislation compulsory insurance. The insurance issuer is the Liberty insurance company.

Personal Insurance – Policy No. 027/00014657/001 – Death or permanent injury: € 20,000. Treatment costs and repatriation: 3.500 €

Liability Insurance – Policy No. 095/00233252/001 – Per accident: € 50,000. Per Year: 50.000 €






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