With the pressure and haste to live that the present times impose, we all feel the need to have some periods of liberation and introspection. Spiritual journeys are a great way to find balance.

It is in this context that the Walk Hike Portugal decided to launch a new brand, the Walk Caminos. And we begin with a magnificent journey with what is called the “Old Portuguese Spiritual Route of the Camiños of Santiago”. This beautiful route is characterized by much of the route is a coastal path. Between the Atlantic, the Minho River and some of its estuaries in Galician lands, we will know its people and some of its deep traditions. We will meet and sleep in secular convents and hotels that are symbols of an entire region. We will pass through places of great natural beauty and others of great historical importance.

These are our Camiños of Santiago and we invite you to join us on this journey of reunion and spirituality.