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Walk Wine – 9 Days

  • Type: Walk Wine
  • Duration: 9 days - From January to December
  • Price from: 2388€

In this Walk Wine experiences our goal is to make you aware of two of the most enigmatic Portugal wine regions, “Colares” and “Mafra”, along with delicious local traditional food and their intimate restaurants, and also the fabulous UNESCO Cultural Landscape of Sintra. The Colares vineyards are located in the most western point of Europe. This temperamental wines from the Old World are produced from some of the most unique castes varieties, like Ramisco and Malvasia. Unusual deep sandy soils, where even the philoxera bug couldn’t thrive and the strong influence from the Atlantic with it´s salty sea winds, give to this wines a strong savory sea notes, being also very fragrant, fresh and balanced.

On the other hand, the wine region of Mafra, with it´s vineyards being located a little further from the coast, receiving an Atlantic micro-climate influence, which with its cool mornings and warm afternoons allow the production of unique wines from diverse castes such as the one produced exclusively from Jampal caste. These two regions of small producers has two characteristics more, that make them unique besides its location, its age, with centenary pre-phylloxera vines, same of the oldest in Portugal, and the fact that this is a land where the grapes are still hand harvested, that allows us to offer the most authentic and genuine experiences.

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Day 1 – Welcome Day

Walk Hike Wine - 8 days


We start our program with the transfer from the airport to the hotel, which will take between 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on traffic.

In the hotel our hikers can have a small rest before the dinner, which will be in a local cozy restaurant in Sintra village, where they will taste the good portuguese food.

Day 2 – The Route of Romanticism

Route of Romanticism

In this day 2, we will start a real time travel, first, a thousand years of history in the visit to the renovated “Moorish Castle”. Step back further in time, we will see the remains of villages from the Neolithic period to about five thousand years ago.

Moving forward in the future, more precisely in the nineteenth century, our Romanticism route will take us into the hart of the “Cultural Landscape of Sintra – UNESCO World Heritage Centre” and its fabulous architectural monuments. We´ll start with the intimacy of the romantic botanical gardens of the “Parque da Pena” and his large Victorian lakes. Our walkers will be amazed with the gorgeous architecture of the Pena Palace, the most important center of the Sintra Cultural Landscape. It will be here that we will have our buffet lunch.

After the Pena Park visit we will have a wine experience in an old and traditional wine cellar , in the middle of Almoçageme village. There, we will try temperamental wines from the Old World, produced from the unique grape varieties, Ramisco and Malvasia, from Colares.

After this enigmatic experience and a shower in the hotel/guest house, the dinner will be waiting for us in a traditional restaurant located in the town of Sintra Village. The cozy atmosphere, the home cooking food, and the good wine, will be the perfect way to finish this day.




Beginning: 09:30 am

Duration: All day

Day 3 – Sintra and the Wines of the Old World

Adega Cooperativa de Colares - Sintra and the wines of the old world

Quinta-da-Regaleira-Portugal - Sintra and the wines of the old world

The day 3 starts in Fontanelas region where we will meet some of the oldest vineyards of Portugal. This is where Ramisco and Malvasia grapes, base of the Colares wine, have their origin. Unusual deep sandy soils, where even the phylloxera bug couldn’t thrive and the strong influence from the Atlantic with it´s salty sea winds, give to this wines a strong savory sea notes, being also very fragrant, fresh and balanced.

Then we will visit one of the oldest and largest cellars in Portugal, where we will taste some of the wines produced from Malvasia and Ramisco castes, icons of this region full of tradition.

The lunch will be free and after, the amazing “Quinta da Regaleira”, will be our next stop. It´s palace is surrounded by lush gardens, lakes, mysterious dens and enigmatic buildings. All of these places hidden alchemical meanings, such as evoked by the Freemasons, Knights Templar and Rosicrucian. The space is modeled in mixed tracings that evoke Romanesque architecture, Gothic, Renaissance and Manueline.

The day will finish in the Lawrence´s restaurant inside the oldest restaurant in the all Iberian Peninsula (1764). Here, we can taste an authentic palette of flavors that are perpetuated over time.




Beginning: 09:30 am

Duration: All day


Day 4 – The Baroque Convent, the Jampal Cast and the “Saloia” land

convento de mafra - The baroque convent, the jampal cast and the saloia land

Manz - The baroque convent, the jampal cast and the saloia land

Our day starts in the majestic Royal Convent and Palace of Mafra, builted in the 18th century by order of King João V (1689-1750). This is the most important baroque monument in Portugal, and one of major baroque edifications in all Europe. The building, approximately with 40.000 m2 stands out for its grandeur.

The Library, occupying the largest and most prestigious room in the building, is one of the most significant enlightenment Libraries in Europe.

The Royal Convent of Mafra has a set of two carillons, or rather a series of bells tuned to each other. There are actually ninety eight bells in all, which makes them the world’s largest historic carillons.

The lunch will be in a typical restaurant of this “Saloia”  region, where we will taste the delicious local food.

After this comforting meal we will go to a local wine producer to taste a very unique wine produced exclusively from the Jampal caste. We will also see their vineyards, cellar and a small but curious local wine museum.

The end of the day will be free. Eclectic and quirky are the two words that best describe the restaurant where will be our dinner. The beautiful and romantic atmosphere will be the best way to finish this day 5 of our journey.




Beginning: 08:30 am

Duration: All day


Day 5 – Western Coast Route

Imagem destaque Walk Wine holidays 9 days

Cascais - Western Coast Route - Walk Wine holidays

Our day 5 will start in a wine producers family farm where we will have a wine tasting with 5 red and white wines accompanied with marinated olives, regional cheeses and biscuits. Before, we will visit the softly rolling hills of vineyards, the winery and the 17th century chapel. Our visit to this farm will finish with a delicious picnic in the picturesque area between vineyards and pine wood land.

After lunch we will continue along the coast with the Atlantic by the company towards to the beautiful village of Cascais. Before we will pass by the most western point of Europe, the imposing Cape Roca and we will also meet a fort and a lighthouse that were part of the old defense line of Lisbon created in the Sixteenth Century.

In Cascais we´ll have about 2 hours of free visit to know this former fishing village.

The day will end with a dinner in front of the Atlantic in one of the most exclusive restaurants of Cascais.




Beginning: 09:00 am

Duration: All day


Day 6 – The Salty Wine, the Victorian Garden and the Fish

The Salty Wine, the Victorian Garden and the Fish

Walk Hike Wine - 8 days - The Unexpected Gardens

Our day 6 will start in the most western vineyard in Europe. This local farm, built in the 18th century, stands between the Atlantic Ocean and Sintra sierra and its wines are characterized by their aging-potential, their character and complexity. After visiting the vineyards and the winery, we will have a wine tasting where we will try some of the most enigmatic fine wines of Portugal. Thanks to the proximity of the sea, this wines have a strong savory sea notes, being also very fragrant, fresh and balanced.

It will be in the town center of Colares, in the space of a former tavern and grocery store, that we will have our lunch. This restaurant offers original dishes that combine traditional flavors with a large dose of creativity.

“Monserrate”, which is one of the most beautiful creations of the Romanticism landscape, as well as it´s very beautiful palace. Immortalized by Lord Byron, “Monserrate” is one of the most famous and exotic Europe “Victorian” gardens, in which it seems that we have returned for a moment back in time, into the nineteenth century.

Our day ends with a delicious grilled fresh fish at Adraga Restaurant, considered by Sergi Arola (2 Michelin stars), one of the most well known Chefs in the world, as “the best beach fish restaurant in the world”, located on the beautiful Adraga beach, considered by the Sunday Times one of the 20 best beaches in Europe.




Beginning: 09:30 am

Duration: All day


Day 7 – Into the River, Birds, Horses and Wine

Walk Hike Wine - 8 days - Into the River, the Lusitano Horse and the Large Vineyard

Walk Hike Wine - 8 days - Into the River, the Lusitano Horse and the Large Vineyard

In this day 7 we will travel to 80 km north of Lisbon, in the Tagus River, the biggest river in Portugal, where is the largest center of migratory birds in all Europe. That’s where we’ll go. Aboard a boat specially created for the activity of bird watching, we´ll sail through the beautiful blue waters of the Tagus. In addition to the numerous species of birds, it is very possible that we see some of the herds of horses residing either in the islets or on the river banks.

It will be in a restaurant on stilts, leaning against the river, where we will delight with the repast that this zone of campinos (riders who take care of the bulls), horses and bulls, full of tradition, has to offer.

Later, we will visit one of the largest wine producing farms of Ribatejo on a tractor / jeep, followed by an equestrian baptism with “Pure Lusitano Horses“ race. After we will have a wine tasting accompanied by some local delicacies.

It will also be in this day that we will have our first night sleeping  in Lisbon. The dinner will also be in this exciting and trendy city.




Beginning: 08:00 am

Duration: All day



Day 8 – Lisbon, the City of the 7 Hills

Walk Hike Wine - 8 days - The City of the 7 Hills

Walk Hike Wine - 8 days - The City of the 7 Hills

The 8th day of our program is dedicated to Lisbon, Portugal´s capital, also known as the “City of the 7 Hills”.

In this ancient city, full of history and light, we will have a unique experience aboard of an amphibious bus. On this tour we will be able to discover Lisbon inside but also have the unique opportunity of seeing it from the river, a truly unforgettable experience.

After this original tour, we will have lunch in a sui generis restaurant located in the vibrant “Bairro Alto”. In this wine restaurant, we will taste delicious regional delicacies, accompanied with a sample of some of the main Portuguese wines.

The afternoon will be free, and walkers can enjoy some of the most emblematic areas of the city of Lisbon, like “Bairro Alto” and “Chiado”.

By late afternoon walkers will meet in the hotel where they will stay in the last night.

Integrated in a circus school, and with a stunning view of the city of Lisbon with the Tagus river at his feet, the farewell dinner will be in one of the most unique restaurants throughout Europe. The evening will be free.




Beginning: 08:00 am

Duration: All day



Day 9 – The Farewell day

Walk Hike Wine - 8 days

In the early morning we pick up our travelers to transfer them to the airport, which will take between 15 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on traffic.

Prices Per Person

2 persons (per person) – 2.669

3 to 4 persons (per person) – 2.529

5 to 6 persons (per person) – 2.388


For more than 6 people price is on request.

Note: This prices don’t include accommodation (for more informations read, please, the “Accommodies” item below).




Although the accommodations aren’t included in our base price (above), we consider two possibilities for these issue:

  • We recommend an hotel/guest house/hostel (several possibilities) according to a previous briefing of the client preferences, we also book the chosen hotel but it´s the client who pays directly to it.
  • The final proposal can include accommodations has an extra. The procedure is exactly as in the above item, except that in this case we handle everything with the hotel/guest house/hostel.

Booking Confirmation / Payment


Following your contact you’ll receive from us a confirmation email informing that still have availability for the pack you want (if available). In addition to this information, you will also receive our bank identification account for which should be made the transfer of the value. Once we have the booking confirmation transaction confirmed, we will send you an email with a tour agreement and a receipt concerning to the paid amount.

Schedule of payments:

  • 30% of the total amount to confirm the booking
  • Final payment is due 30 days prior to day 1 of the booked day

If sending payment from abroad, please ensure that all bank and other charges on the transaction are paid at your end so that the correct amount (in Euros) is received by us.

Cancellations / Changes


Since the Walk Hike Portugal develops an outdoor activity, these are exposed to the climatic / environmental conditions and constraints that these impose. Thus, the Walk Hike Portugal reserves the right to change itineraries or activities, if weather conditions may threaten our customers safety, as well as our team members. Below are some examples of weather / environmental condition that may or not allow our walks, or part of them:

  • Torrential rains
  • Strong thunderstorms
  • Strong winds
  • Landslide
  • Falling trees
  • Fires
  • Floods
  • Earthquakes
  • Sea storms

In these cases the walks will be run on another date to match or replaced by another, if possible. If the cancellation of the tour is an inevitability, either because the persistence of weather phenomena / environmental mentioned above, or customers inability to schedule, we will refund 75% of the amount paid, provided that cancellation occurs within 24 hours before the beginning of the purchased holiday pack. The remaining 25% will be for Walk Hike Portugal pay the logistics / bookings costs imply in all our walks.

In case the reason is due to withdrawal by customers, Walk Hike Portugal return 100% of the amount paid provided that it occurs until 60 days before the tour date. If the withdrawal occurs until 45 days before the tour date we will refund 75% of the amount paid. If the withdrawal occurs until 30 days before the tour we will refund 50% of the amount paid. If the withdrawal occurs later than 30 days before the tour we will not refund any of the amount paid.

If the client does not arrived at the appointed day, the Walk Hike Portugal disclaims any responsibility for non-performance all activities considered in the program booked by the customer, as well as the return of any amount for the money already paid by the customer. Walk Hike Portugal also reserves the right to reschedule the all program of activities of the booked program tour, according to what they understand to be the most viable option.


Per day is Included

  • Water(1,5l per person)
  • All transfers
  • All monuments entries tickets included on the program
  • All meals included on the program
  • All wine experiences included on the program
  • Track Guide
  • Obligatory Personal and Liability insurances

Advised Equipment (depending on weather)

  • Comfortable shoes and clothes
  • Hat for sun or umbrella
  • Waterproof / Wind stopper
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen